Walk Behind Mower MOTOFROG 75

Multi-functional walk behind mower mod. MOTOFROG 75

The professional self propelled flail mower PERUZZO MOTOFROG 75, from the functional welded and molded steel frame, combines a remarkable amount of innovative technical solutions. This means that this is the only tractor mower which has 6 different configurations on the same machine. It mounts a standard set of wheels clawed from 16 inch at the rear, and pirouetting and safety locking system operated directly from driver handlebars positioned at the front.
Depending on maintained area, the flail mower PERUZZO mod. MOTOFROG 75 can be provided with 2 optional solutions:
-4 wheels willed in pairs – in order to get an even greater traction on the soil;
-1 track kit which comes with gas springs and a anti clogging roller scraper system;
–indispensable in the most extreme and craggy workspaces;All these features make the MOTOFROG 75 unique:  3 types of traction easily interchangeable and, at the same time,
3 types of mowing:  flexibility and adaptability are the key words of this new professional flail mower.
Thanks to the light weight this mower is a perfect solution especially in the presence of steep terrains, on extreme areas,
in confined spaces, terraces and in the presence of slippery and with 2,5/1” shrubs as well as high and deep vegetation.

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