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André Marcoux
647 394-5284

Splitter, wood processor, circular wood saw, log bundling machine, garden waste chipper/shredder, post peeler… producing firewood has never been easier!

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Posch post peeler

The compact saw splitter with professional chainsaw:
SpaltFix K-415 - POSCH Leibnitz

Making firewood without changing the splitting knife:
SpaltFix S-410 Multi

POSCH machine

Mobile K-650 mobile – POSCH

Firewood processor – POSCH SpaltFix S-410 Vario

Firewood cleaner – LogFix XL – POSCH Leibnitz

Firewood processor – POSCH SpaltFix S-360

Horizontal log splitter – POSCH SplitMaster 55T

Packaging – POSCH PackFix

Log splitter – POSCH AutoSplit 350

Gespro Equipment demo – POSCH S-360

SpaltFix K-650

Posch S-410 Firewood Processor

SpaltFix S-360

Posch Hydro Combi splitter

Posch K-650

Firewood processor SpaltFix K-650 Vario, mobile