SplitMaster 40 Crane – Wood splitter

The professional horizontal splitter with timber loading crane

The professional horizontal wood splitter for heavy-duty use. Charging by means of timber charging crane brings heaviest logs into position.
  • Autospeed functionality
  • Max. billet length 125cm (optional 250cm), cylinder stroke 130cm (optional 267cm)
  • Up to 12 billets per work cycle
  • Splitting knife for 4 parts for log Ø 0-50cm as standard
  • Hydraulic splitting knife adjustment
  • High-pressure hydraulic system with axial piston pump
  • Interference-free radio control
  • Longitudinal chassis: Tractor chassis 10km/h, parking brake, drawbar eyelet height adjustable
  • Optional timber loading crane: High-seat control, range 6.7 m with telescope, max. hoisting capacity 414 kg, swivel angle 380°, gripper opening 1.2 m, gripper weight 86 kg,crane weight 1,029 kg. The hydraulic drive for the crane is integrated in the machine.
  • Tractor drive: Universal joint shaft required, three-point linkage cat. I + II

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Wood splitter – special equipment
Make your work routine easier with a series of useful additional pieces of equipment.
Article no. Description list price
excl. VAT

Surcharge for stroke 2.65 m for max. billet length 2.5 m with mechanical shut-off feature 1.30 m, incl. tractor chassis max. 10 km/h without brakes, parking brake. Transport on public roads not permitted, only for use on private premises (e.g. lumberyards). No lights 6.000,00

Surcharge for stroke 2.65 m for max. timber length 2.5m with mechanical shut-off feature at 1.3m, incl. road chassis 80 km/h, ABS pneumatic brake, lights, with mechanical shut-off feature 1.30 m 20.200,00


Surcharge for remote radio control with foot pedal (for M6365TRC and M6385TRC)

Machines with these control options may only be charged with a crane. The control must be installed by the customer at the charging site (crane, tractor).


Light bar (for machines with LT tractor chassis) 590,00
A143 Individual permit / Individual type approval (EBE), only possible for Austria and Germany! 990,00
Wood splitter – accessory equipment
Handy accessory equipment for more power and convenience for wood processing.
Article no. Description list price
excl. VAT
F0001824 2-way splitting knife for SplitMaster 40 Crane 500,00

4-way splitting knife for SplitMaster 40 Crane (Ø 15-50 cm), standard

* centrally splitting log diameter


6-way splitting knife for SplitMaster 40 Crane (Ø 15-50 cm)

* centrally splitting log diameter

F0001923 Timber support table 140 x 200 cm (L x W) 1.550,00
F0001924 Timber support table incl. extension, 190 x 200 cm (L x W) 2.580,00
Z1930070 Universal shaft 540,00

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