SplitMaster 30 – Wood splitter

The professional horizontal wood splitter with more power

The SplitMaster 30 for large volumes of wood. With a splitting power of 30 t, the horizontal splitter handles almost every log – unbeatable for large volumes of wood and stable performance. The log lifting device and the optimum working height enable ergonomic working. The simple return feature for the billets after the splitting process makes woodwork particularly efficient. The Easy splitting knife is optionally available – there is no more convenient, ergonomic and efficient way to process firewood.

  • Punch advance Autospeed as standard
  • Billet length max. 125 cm
  • Cylinder stroke 130 cm
  • Max. billets/work cycle 8 pieces
  • Splitting knife for 4 parts as standard (Easy splitting knife optional)
  • Splitting knife adjustment hydraulic
  • Splitting stroke adjustable 130-60 cm
  • Splitting table height 80 cm
  • Three-point linkage cat. II
  • Rope winch with manual or radio control optional

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