SpaltFix K-550

Maximum power with the K-550 in professional short- and metre-long log production

This impressive firewood processing machine with a splitting power of 41 t produces billets of a desired length from 25 to 100 cm in one work cycle. With the hydraulically adjustable frame knife, the SpaltFix K-550 produces up to 18 billets per work cycle.
Drives & chassis

Ready for every task

With the different drive variants PTO, E-motor or diesel, the SpaltFix is always well-equipped and also ready for mobile applications. For mobile applications, the optional elbow conveyor belts ensure a compact transport position. The different chassis models with integrated log charging ensure that the SpaltFix K is quickly ready for use. The optionally available hydraulic support feet ensure vertical stability. Integrated cross conveyors are put in the work position manually or hydraulically.

  • Brennholzautomat, Sägespalter mit Kranbeschickung, mobil auf Straßenfahrwerk
    Efficient log charging with loading crane
  • Brennholzautomat fahrbar, Kranaufbau, Straßen-Fahrwerk
    Mobile with road chassis
Special equipment

More power for the SpaltFix K-550

Ring splitting knife for neater billets

Versatile and sturdy, the frame knives adapt to the respective application. The double-edged knife produces smooth splitting edges, the ring knife variants produce many uniform billets that are ready for the stove in one work cycle. The hydraulic splitting knife adjustment ensures splitting in the middle with every log diameter.

With the hydraulically adjustable frame knife, the SpaltFix K-550 produces up to 18 billets in one work cycle.


Directly before the splitting stroke, the optical sensor measures the log diameter, selects the ideal area of the special splitting knife and centres it.

This is what the automatic system does for you:

  • Improved firewood quality due to more uniform billets
  • Less splitting power required and less strain on machine
  • Higher user-friendliness

SplitControl also determines the processed wood volume in solid cubic metres. The timber volume measurement is only intended for internal use.

  • Spaltkreuz 8 fach und 15 fach hydraulisch verstellbar für Brennholzautomat. Massives Rahmen-Spaltmesser für 1m Scheitholz
    Hydraulically adjustable frame knife
  • Spaltautomat Sägespaltautomat mit SplitControl

Drying, storing and delivering firewood in the perfect packaging

The PackFix system is a fast and efficient solution for packing up billets and ensures fast drying of the billets produced.

Efficient packaging solution

Thanks to the tilting table, the conveyor belt standstill is minimised and firewood production runs without interruption with the 2-drum solution.

  • Scheitholzverpackung Rundballennetz
    PackFix Hydro


  • Stationär, mobil oder universal: Die Verpackungsmaschine PackFix
    PackFix Hydro with tilting table


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