Quick-fit and fixed cable winches

Quick-fit and fixed cable winches

Pfanzelt quick-fit and fixed cable winches are the perfect implements for commercial timber forwarding. One reason is that the cable winch and the sprag bearing are mounted on a single frame, meaning that the tractor remains largely free of mechanical strain during winching.

Pfanzelt quick-fit geared cable winches consist of an adaptable modular system and can therefore be easily adapted to the almost all commonly used tractor types. The underlying engineering is the same. The complete reliability and durability of the cable winches is guaranteed by the precision worm gear used in the winch assembly and the multi-disc sintered plate sets.

Depending on the requirements of the operator, the cable winches are available with various tractive powers, stacking shield widths and cable capacities.

More details on the fixed and quick-fit winches

Installation and removal

Thanks to careful design, the quick-fit winches or the combination of cable winch and loading crane can be mounted or removed in a matter of minutes. The tractor is therefore available for other uses at short notice.

Other details

All the technical features and advantages of the Pfanzelt transmission winches are also found in the quick-fit and fixed attachment winches.

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Technical specs

Large variety of types and wide range of accessories The Pfanzelt product range offers different solutions for every application and all common tractor types. In addition to the quick-fit and fixed cable winches listed above, further single and double drum winches with different cable capacities and tractive forces are available. For information on types and accessories, please contact our authorised representative.

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SW0258 SW0306 SW0308
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Traction in lower cable layer 80 kN 2x 60 kN 2x 80 kN
Traction in upper cable layer 56 kN 2x 42 kN 2x 56 kN
Maximum cable capacity Ø 13 mm x 80 m 2 x Ø 11 mm x 100 m 2 x Ø 13 mm x 80 m
Stacking shield width (standard) 1,800 mm 2,000 mm 2,100 mm
Independent oil supply via radial piston pump with suction filter
Multi-disc lamella coupling Sintered metal, self-adjusting
Multi-disc lamella brake ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Forest radio system (HBC patrol)
Excavation depth approx. 850 mm approx. 850 mm approx. 850 mm
Undercut approx. 200 mm approx. 200 mm approx. 200 mm
Lifting capacity approx. 3.5 t approx. 3.5 t approx. 3.5 t

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