More power and user-friendliness for chopping

The ProfiHäcksler from POSCH is particularly suited for optimum compost preparation, it ensures the fast shredding of scrap wood such as shrubbery, bushes, wreaths, garden and sawmill waste. The spring-loaded feed chain with overload protection automatically and continuously transports the material to the mallet drum. Rotating mallets smash it into pieces and so ensure improved defibration and consequently quicker composting. As a standard, the mallets are for two-fold use and therefore last twice as long.

  • Timber up to approx. 5cm Ø
  • 27 rotating mallets
  • Spring-loaded feed conveyor belt
  • Overload clutch with reverse option
  • 2-fold use mallets with blade as standard
  • Spare set for mallet drum

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