MySelf front-mounted recovery winch

MySelf front-mounted recovery winch

Both in agriculture/forestry and in environmental management, a cable winch is often required to recover vehicles or other items of equipment. The MySelf front-mounted recovery winch has been especially designed for this application. The simply mounted, hydraulically actuated cable winch for the quick-coupling 3-point link. This means the attachment can be mounted and removed in a matter of minutes for recovery jobs.

Technical specs

MySelf front-mounted recovery winch BW 0105 BW 0105 in front stacking shield
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Traction in lower cable layer 50 kN 50 kN
Traction in upper cable layer 35 kN 35 kN
Worm gear in oil bath
Special forestry cable (high density) Ø 12 mm x 50 m Ø 12 mm x 50 m
Clutch for rapid cable pay out Jaw clutch Jaw clutch
Average cable speed at 80 l/min 10.1 m/min 10.1 m/min
Shield width 1,010 mm 1,600 mm
Weight (with cable) approx. 200 kg approx. 1,000 kg

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