Heavy Duty Rear mounted Flail Mower for 30 to 130 tractor HP.

The BULL SUPER rear shredder is a versatile machine, can be used with tractors with a minimum power of 30 hp, for cleaning green areas (parks, airports, highways …), as for the shredding of shoots in the orchards and vineyards, as well as for clearing on woodlands or meadows. The use of robust hammers makes it possible to obtain a very finely ground product even on stony ground and with hardwood shoots. The use of robust hammers, specially created for this model, allows to obtain a defibrated residue and finely chopped, even with prunings of 5/6 cm of diameter. The BULL SUPER rear shredder  easily adapts to heavy work on high grass, pruning or rough terrain in the presence of stones or other debris and unlike other models, it has a wider road that allows a wider cutting width. high, from 1.20 Mt to 2.80 Mt.   The BULL SUPER rear shredder has been applied to tractors of medium power performing a cut of grass and shrubs reducing the residue for a consequent and rapid decomposition. The Super version is characterized by an even more robust structure and a system that makes it easier to use in case of frequent lateral movements. You can apply to the BULL SUPER certain accessories to facilitate the mowing of grass around the plant by the hydraulic contourer and the hydraulic pistons for lateral movement. On request, it can be sold with a version with 3 connection points, excellent solution to obtain an efficient and precise work in case of lateral displacement of the contents.

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