LogFix S

The compact billet screen

The LogFix S separates billets from splinters and delivers high-quality firewood in next to no time. We developed this compact solution especially for the cleaning of billets which are processed by means of automatic firewood processors with a splitting knife for max. 8 pieces. Conveyor belts with a max. width of 65 cm are also used for loading. The rotating rollers remove unwanted wood chips, bark and splinters from the firewood and drop them. As the rollers rotate with only 50 revolutions per minute, the LogFix is very quiet. Under the screen, there is a funnel which passes the scrap wood on to an optional conveyor belt or a container. With the optional radio remote control, the screen can easily be turned on and off from any operator position.
  • Screen width 3.0 cm
  • 4 rotating rollers
  • Roller speed 50 U/min
  • Waste funnel as standard
  • Conveyor belt width max. 65 cm
  • Cleaning performance max. 20 srm/h

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Special equipment
Make your work routine easier with a series of useful additional pieces of equipment.
Article no. Description list price
excl. VAT
Wireless and batteryless radio remote control which transforms the mechanical energy of the pressure applied to the push button into electric energy for signal transmission. The operation of the screen is monitored with an illuminated display. Attention, not possible with type PS! 850,00
Base frame in C-frame design 1.050,00
  • Provedení s rámem C
Accessory equipment
Handy accessory equipment for more power and convenience for wood processing.
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excl. VAT
Height-increasing element base frame, 25 cm. Required for combination with PackFix Hydro and swivelling table. Filling height: min. 275 cm, transfer height 205 / 220 cm 400,00

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