FULL ELECTRIC self-propelled remote-controlled flail mower ROBOFOX ELECTRA

FULL ELECTRIC self-propelled remote-controlled flail mower mod. ROBOFOX ELECTRA

The self-propelled remote-controlled flail mower Peruzzo mod. ROBOFOX ELECTRA, a top-notable novelty in the world of professional shredding, is equipped with FULL ELECTRIC propulsion, for both: the advancement and for the drive of the cutting roller shaft.Equipped with 48 sturdy Y-knives or, optionally, 24 forged hammers, it is the ideal machine to cut grass and shrubs up to 2/3cm in diameter, as well as brush on steep slopes: all in full respect of the surrounding environment.The powerful batteries supplied with the ROBOFOX ELECTRA, guarantee a range of about 2/3 hours (in relation to working conditions), without any emission either from the point of view of pollution of fumes in the atmosphere, nor from the point of view noise pollution, in absolute silence at all stages of work. An additional battery pack is easily replaceable, allowing the machine’s working range to double.These prerogatives allow for widespread use in urban areas, where there is an increasing demand for a low sound impact and a precise compliance with anti-pollution regulations, which are now more stringent than ever before.The self-propelled remote-controlled flail mower Peruzzo mod. ROBOFOX ELECTRA is operated through an easy-to-use multifunction radio control, with a range of up to 300 meters and adjusted according to the CE safety frequencies. This allows the operator to always work in maximum safety.In optimal ground conditions, the work inclination achievable by the machine during the work phases is 55°. For each extreme need, a sophisticated electronic slope tilt sensor is available on demand that manages the limit tilt level, preventing the machine from tipping over. In addition, a standard safety rollbar is added in order to preserve the most delicate components in the event of a rollover.La ROBOFOX ELECTRA  is equipped with a drift control system, always managed comfortably by the remote control, which ensures its linear progress in the phases of work, even in the presence of slippery slopes.The compact dimensions of the ROBOFOX ELECTRA lead it to be the perfect solution in the phases of work in small spaces, such as for mowing the grass under solar panels, in the presence of narrow access, in particularly inclined areas or of poor access. The volumes and size of the flail mower allow a smooth loading-discharge on vans and pick-ups of different types.If you have any doubts and/or clarification regarding the ROBOFOX ELECTRA, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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