Front flail PERUZZO mod. TEG SPECIAL for front application to tractors from 25/30HP

The front flail PERUZZO mod. TEG SPECIAL is suitable for front application to tractors from 25/30HP for John Deere, Kubota, Grasshopper, Iseki and Grillo. The grass is finely cut, small pruning with simultaneous rolling of the turf.The front flail PERUZZO mod. TEG SPECIAL thanks to its high rotor speed and number of knives, reduces the turf wave effect  and performs a remarkable mulching action. With vertical blades, an excellent aeration action is achieved, on gardens, lawns and urban areas, where the cut or ventilated residue is uniformly distributed over the entire cutting width.The cutting adjustment in the PERUZZO front mower mod. TEG SPECIAL takes place on the front wheels with spacers and on the rear roller by means of a bolt and key supplied as standard for millimetrical adjustment.The TEG SPECIAL flail mowers, in their various versions, can be mounted on John Deere (F1550 – F1570 – F1575 – F1580 – F1585), Kubota (F3560 – F2880 – F3680 – F3680 – F1585 – F1585) 3090 – F3680 – F3890), Grasshopper (725DT6 – 928D – 930D – 900D), Iseki (SF438 – SF450), Grillo (F D 2200 TS – FM 2200) with related connectors and cardan shafts.Like all Peruzzo shredders, the TEG SPECIAL model guarantees excellent cutting quality and excellent mulching for high rotation and knives quantity.For this reason the TEG SPECIAL mowers can make fast and quality cuts by facing even tall grass with shrubs or short or verticut one on sports fields, inserting knives of different sizes and shapes for each type of job.For more information, check the technical table compatibility.

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