Ditch Flail Mower ELK Cross

Flail Mower for 35-45HP tractors

The slope flail mowers Peruzzo mod. ELK Cross grass/pruning shredder is used for grass cutting and pruning cutting up to 4-5 cm of diameter.The ELK Cross model is used most on municipality and agriculture fields to cut high grass, branches and bushes on banks, slopes, embankements, ditches or hedges, bending from +90° to –50° for small and medium tractor size (from 35 HP to 45 HP), with 3-point hitch category 1 and 2.The ELK Cross flail mowers with its articulated arm with hydraulic movement, all controlled by the tractor seat, can move from the center of the tractor to a maximum 130 cm lateral extension, cutting easily grass on ditches or hedges.

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