Chipper TIREX – TC13

CHIPPERS for branches from 13cm to 17 cm thickness driven by tractor or engine

The chipper mod. TIREX is a sturdy machine with 30mm thick cutting disk and 620mm diameter, well combined with a very compact design. Thanks to an innovative feeding system branches, using hydraulic toothe chain, removes all jamming during the working phase.The prnunings are cut in very fine and uniform chips, using accessories on request.The chips produced by the chipper TIREX can be used not only for mulching and composting, but also for biomass heating systems.The chipper PERUZZO mod. TC13, for branches up to 13cm thick, is equipped with 4 cutting blades, two hydraulic drag rollers and an effective no stress system. In addition to these features, the TC13 comes with road cart and Engine B&S – Vanguard – STAGE 5.

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