AutoLogger 420 – Wood splitter

Turns residual wood into profitable kindling

The AutoLogger 420 recycles wood, trunks or logs that are of poor initial quality and turns them into perfect firewood and kindling.

The wood splitter is fed via the buffer conveyor at a height of 90 cm. The wood is drawn in and the splitting process takes place automatically. A standard operator platform allows the splitting process to be monitored.

The logs produced can be transported away via a conveyor belt or sorted directly into net bags using the packaging chute.

The feet of the AutoLoggers can be adjusted in height to compensate for uneven floors. The splitting machine can be transported via the forklift support (no three-point suspension!).

  • VARIO splitting system
  • Log diameter 10-41 cm
  • Billet length 12–33 cm
  • Variable billet edge length 3–10 cm
  • Number of billets max. per log section 25
  • Splitting force 12 t
  • Spring-loaded feed belt – increases operational safety and reduces splitting forces
  • Oil cooler
  • Single conveyor connection to feed device (16 l/min, max. 100 bar)
  • Retrofit kit for short kindling (short stroke setting L12-L22 is standard equipment)
  • Horizontal 2-m buffer belt with adjustable support foot, charging height approx. 90 cm, vertically swivelling by means of manual cable winch
  • Undercarriage height adjustable with forklift supports and operator platform

AutoLogger 420 – Wood splitter

Select the right AutoLogger based on drive type.
Article no. Type Propulsion Performance Split cycle s Split
force t
list price
excl. VAT
M7480 PZG

Tractor PTO shaft, PTO shaft speed 380 rpm, power consumption 10 kW

Tractor drive: universal shaft required

1,5-12 srm/h
(approx. 120 bags)
5 12 1450 20.900,00
M7482 E15-400

3x 400V, 50Hz

15 kW-e-motor 400V, S6, CEE32A, incl. oil cooler

E-drive: with motor circuit breaker and phase inverter

1,5-12 srm/h
(approx. 120 bags)
5 12 1500 22.800,00
M7484 PZGE15

3x 400V, 50Hz
  • Tractor PTO shaft, PTO speed 380 U/min., Power consumption 10 kW
  • 15 kW-E-Motor 400V, S6, CEE32A, incl. oil cooler

Combi: Tractor drive: universal shaft required, E-drive: with motor circuit breaker and phase inverter

1,5-12 srm/h
(approx. 120 bags)
5 12 1550 24.700,00
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Wood splitter – Special equipment
Valid for initial equipment, incl. assembly.
Article no. Description list price
excl. VAT

Oil cooler for continuous operation (from 4 hrs.), Advantage: longer service life of the hydraulic components due to less wear, for type Z 990,00

Surcharge for 2 additional, dual-action conveyor belt connections. Required for the hydraulic swivelling device of the conveyor belt (option S) and hydraulic tilting device (option N) of the conveyor belt 580,00
Wood splitter – Accessory equipment
Handy accessory equipment for more power and convenience for wood processing.
Article no. Description list price
excl. VAT
F0004445 Bagging chute timber length 25 cm for mesh bag sizes 50-55 cm x 50-80 cm 330,00
F0004444 Bagging chute timber length 33 cm for mesh bag sizes 50-55 cm x 50-80 cm 330,00
F0004446 Sliding 2-piece frame (for loose packing of kindling) 360,00
Z9900554 Mesh bag 25 kg (50 × 80 cm), 100 pcs. (only for loose packaging) 26,00

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